July 2018
The focus of the Lakewood Oaks Parcel committee this spring has been on the Veile Road Entrance. The area was showing signs of age and overgrown/unhealthy vegetation. Your committee had the old plants and shrubs removed and then proceeded to get three bids from area landscapers. We selected Sonshine Nursery. The work is nearly complete and included soil enrichment, new landscape fabric, and new perennial plant materials. In addition, the workers raised the border rocks, spread mulch and added annual plants. In the fall, several evergreen trees will be added. We hope you are as pleased with the result as we are. The new look is one of fresh, healthy plants and a clean, manicured appearance. The plant materials offer a variety of color, texture and size that are also easy to maintain.

In addition this spring, we have tested, repaired and set the irrigation schedule to try to deal with our crazy weather (unusually cold spring and now very hot spells with heavy rains or droughts!) We have done an electrical check on our lighting fixtures, implemented and reviewed our contract with Trugreen, scheduled replacement of some plants that were under warranty, and discussed long term projects.

We were sorry to accept the resignations of two of our committee members, Jane Barber and Dan Rembold. They were tireless workers and good friends. We are happy to welcome Jon Pye as our newest member.

As always you can reach us at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with comments, concerns or questions.

 January & February 2018
     Winter is a great time to do an overview of our parcel and that is what your parcel committee has been doing over the past couple months. We have had our lighting fixtures checked for safety and appearance and repaired what needed fixing. We have gotten bids for tree trimming and for treatment of the ash trees and signed a contract to have it done. We have signed contracts for the upkeep of our landscaping which includes fertilizing, weed control, trimming, pruning and removal of dead or dying shrubs among other things. We have ordered bulbs and plants for this coming spring and summer and very soon we will be making decisions on additional planting projects. As always we are available to answer questions or listen to your comments. Please address them to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

October 2017
Fall is officially here and color is appearing in the trees and shrubs. Attached is a picture of trees in our parcel showing some of the reds and golds that make our region of the country so pretty.


Also attached is a picture of the big island at Northgate Lane. A lot of our time and effort went into that area this year, removing old overgrown shrubs, reworking the garden perimeter and planting new grasses, shrubs, a dogwood tree and a park bench. Look closely and you can see a stepping stone path laid in the gravel to make easy access to the bench. Our goal for this area was to clean it up and freshen it up to make it an area that was easy to maintain in the future.

Our committee is now in the process of planning for next year, submitting a budget to the board of directors for approval. We are reviewing and deciding on projects and on companies for mowing, planting, fertilizing, weeding, tree trimming, dealing with irrigation, etc.

Hope your fall is enjoyable. As always, you can reach us with questions or comments at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


July 2017

Our focus this month has been on 'benches'. We were pleased to get in the bench we ordered for the big island on Northgate Ln. and to have LPOA install it for us. Now we are deciding on the finishing touches for that area and that project will be finished. Unexpectedly we had another bench issue to deal with. In late June a water main broke in front of our bench at the west entrance You can view that here. The leak was substantial and undermined the bench. The water department fixed the break and we are in the process of repairing the damage.

Just a reminder: You can always reach us with questions, concerns or ideas at by emailing us This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


June 2017
Everyone appreciates a little help and we, your parcel committee, are no exception. As you know, we are a group of five volunteers who meet monthly and work on updating, beautifying and maintaining our Lakewood Oaks parcel using a portion of your LPOA dues. However, at times we have some extra help from our residents. We are happy to recognize and pleased to have the assistance of Becky Hughes, Kyla Sommers and Janet Eichmeier. Each of these people saw a need and took action. Becky has been know to do some weeding and trimming and has even taken the time to write us a note thanking us for our work. Kyla and Janet have for several years planted flowers in the common area on Northgate Crossing by the 17th tee. Thank you! We are grateful for your help. We should also note that one of our committee members, Dan Rembold goes above and beyond when it comes to making our parcel beautiful. He has taken it upon himself to plant flowers in many of the common areas. Thank you too, Dan!


May 2017
Spring time is always a busy time and that has been true in the parcel. As we put on the finishing touches to the big island at Northgate Lane, we have also assessed and taken steps to beautify other areas. At the two main entrances to Lakewood Oaks and at the Veile entrance, you will notice new flower plantings as well as fresh mulch. The common areas in the entire parcel have been trimmed and edged and treated with weed preventative, soil enhancements and fertilizer. Irrigation has been checked and adjusted and repairs have been made. Some of the work has been done by our committee members! We take our volunteering seriously because we take pride in our community. We watch carefully and jump in when needed or when we see a chance to beautify an area. We keep a close eye on things from lights to watering, from stubborn weeds to overgrown trees.

Remember you can always reach us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Northgate Court's new look:



April 2017

Your parcel committee is pleased to report that we have had a very successful experience with our landscaping project. Within a short period of time, we contracted to have the overgrown and dying shrubbery removed from the large island by Lakewood Lane, gathered bids on new landscaping, made our decision, and had most of the work completed. We are waiting on the delivery of a standard crepe myrtle and sod before we can call the project done but we are very pleased with the results already. We now have another section of our parcel that is fresh, clean, updated, and very attractive. If you can, please drive by and check it out. If not, we are attaching some photos of the work in progress and we will add more pictures when it is all completed.






January 24th

The new year has started and your Lakewood Oaks Parcel committee has begun formulating its agenda for 2017. Our plans will continue to emphasize improving and updating our parcel where necessary to enhance its appearance and address problems as they arise while maintaining a healthy monetary balance. We are gathering information for another landscape project that will address an area that is in need of a major overhaul. It is our plan to involve residents in the plans so please keep in touch through this website as we move forward. In addition we want to add some edging to areas where landscaping was done last year to give them a more finished look.

We were happily surprised to have some assistance from LPOA is raising the canopy in a large area of common ground in our parcel. The trees were badly in need of trimming both to raise the canopy and cut out dead limbs and branches. LPOA recognized the need and had the maintenance crew take on the project with no expense for the parcel! Thank you LPOA and crew! The raising will help not only with the appearance of the area but also with our recent reseeding efforts.


December 15th

As the year winds to an end, your parcel committee has finished up their scheduled projects, maintenance and repairs for 2016. The final work included aerating and over-seeding the grassy areas, doing a final garden cleanup and planting bulbs for spring. Our focus now will turn to next year. In January we will prepare for spring planting, assess our lighting needs and propose projects to improve our parcel. Please stay turned to this site. We will be asking for your suggestions and reactions as we move forward.

As you may have noticed our parcel wreaths have been hung so now we just need to wish you all a wonderful holiday!

Remember, you can always reach us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


October 25th 2016

Our big landscaping project in Lakewood Oaks for 2016 is nearly finished. As always, there were challenges as far as scheduling and weather, but we are happy to report that almost all of the project has now been completed. Overgrown, dead and dying bushes have been trimmed or removed and we have fresh, new plantings. The grassy areas are aerated and over-seeded. The common areas have been cleaned up and new rock has been added where needed. (See our 'before and after' pictures!) We have had our parcel areas treated with weed preventatives and fertilizer. Our flowers, for the most part, did well. We painted our entrance signs and ground a stump or two. In addition, there are the usual costs for irrigation (water and repairs), lighting, etc. It has been a busy time! As always, there is more to do. We are ordering bulbs for next spring and flowers for next summer. We will need to replace some lighting fixtures and have some fall cleanup done. And, of course, there is always the unknown/unexpected problem to keep us on our toes.

Remember you can always reach us with your concerns, suggestions or compliments at: 

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.




Welcome and thanks for finding us! We hope you will check this page on a regular basis for information and updates concerning the Lakewood Oaks Parcel.

We are a committee of 5 volunteers who meet monthly. Our job is to maintain our parcel, updating and addressing items as needed to keep our neighborhood looking fresh and well-cared for. Our responsibilities include monitoring the irrigation system, repairing and improving the monuments and lighting throughout the parcel, trimming and replacing the trees and bushes, planting the annuals, fertilizing, mulching, weeding, and planning landscaping projects. In addition our budget pays for the water and electricity for the parcel. All of this is through careful management of the money you pay as part of your LPOA Homeowners dues.

Brandon Banks, Chairman
Jeremy Towles, Vice Chairman, Treasurer
Jane Barber, Secretary
Dan Rembold
Lynne Morris

Here are the facts:

* Lakewood Oaks consists of 250 homes in an area just east of the clubhouse and north on Fairway Homes Drive. (See attached map of parcel)

* Lakewood Oaks dues are $19.16 monthly. This amount is unchanged since 2013.

* Our parcel committee meets on the second Friday of each month at 1:00 at Lakewood Oaks Clubhouse.

* Our email address is: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Please feel free to contact us with questions, compliments and/or concerns.

Lakewood Oaks Parcel Overview

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