The Lakewood Garden Club was started in 1977 by a group of fourteen female residents who shared a common interest in plants, landscaping and gardening. Today, edging closer to one hundred members, the Garden Club is a widely respected social and civic organization that serves Lakewood and Lee’s Summit. In 2000, the Club was incorporated and granted nonprofit, tax exempt status. This provided the opportunity for individuals and businesses to make tax-deductible donations to fund our many worthwhile community services.


Many activities are sponsored by the Lakewood Garden Club.  For 17 years one of the Club’s most successful fundraisers was an annual Pontoon Boat/Garden Tour.  Due to water levels, in 2013 a new fundraiser, Black Dress and Bling, was equally successful.  With funds raised from these events and from our impressive winter poinsettia sale, the Club provides a number of services.  Generous college scholarships are awarded annually to deserving local high school students who intend to major in an environmental science. The Club also donates the plants seen at the Lakewood pools and maintains the two Lakewood nature bluebird walks.  Another way we try to be a good neighbor is by participating in neighborhood outreach programs. In the past, we have donated flowers and gardening assistance to the Hilltop Residential School on Woods Chapel Road and to Truman Medical Center Lakewood.   Currently we continue to partner with Truman Medical Center Lakewood in an outreach project for their courtyard and we now have a new project in colaboration with the Delta Woods Middle School Student Garden Club.


Our most ambitious projects have involved the beautification of Lakewood. In 2002 the Club donated “Dawn Sentinels,” a lovely bronze fine art sculpture of two herons to the community. This piece makes a striking statement at the East Lake Marina. In an effort to continue this popular tradition, the Club donated a second piece, “Touching Earth.” This fine bronze sculpture captures a bald eagle landing in a well-landscaped dry creek bed at the West Lake Marina. In 2013, we donated three Wind Sculptures to the Lakewood community.  In 2014, we added two”Double Dancer - Huge” Wind Sculptures to create a “Wind Forest”.  The new “Wind Forest” is intriguing and experiencing them is both mesmerizing and interactive. Also in 2014, a Monarch Butterfly Way-Station was created adjacent to the 9th hole of the golf course in hopes of aiding the struggling Monarch population, and to encourage them to linger in our community for a time.


The Lakewood Garden Club is made up of friendly and knowledgeable women  who share a love of nature and gardening. Over the years we have evolved from a group of interested gardeners to a dynamic organization that enhances its members knowledge and enjoyment of gardening and nature through planned activities and programs presented by experts in their field, as well as offering an opportunity to serve and improve our Lakewood community and beyond.