There are multiple bridge playing groups in Lakewood, meeting on varying days of the month. Check Below to find the group that best suits you! All of our bridge groups meet and play at The Lakewood Oaks Clubhouse. 


1st Monday Ladies Duplicate Bridge                                                          3rd Monday Ladies Duplicate Bridge

9:00am                                                                                                              9:30am 


1st Wednesday Mixed Marathon                                                              3rd Wednesday Golden Girls

9:30  Contact:     Joe Casebolt 816.478.2128                                        9:30 Contact: Donna Klehr


1st Wednesday Connor's Bridge                                                               

10:00am    Contact: Karen Connors 816.478.1513                


Men's Bridge (Every Thursday)                                                                 3rd Friday Mixed Couples Bridge

9:30am  Contact :Don Smykowski 816.373.4214                                  7:00pm


2nd Monday Ladies Marathon Bridge                                                        4th Wednesday Couples Mixed Bridge

9:30am                                                                                                              6:30pm 


2nd Saturday Night Bridge

5:30pm  Contact: Don Smykowski 816.373.4214